Our philosophy is based on these values and principles:

  •  Respect for individuals.
  • People of an organization create its success.
  • People must be supported by the organization to nurture success.
  • All jobs have inherent dignity and contribute to self-worth.
  • Our primary job is to provide quality service.
  • Honesty and fairness are cornerstones in all interactions and decisions.

Effective manpower plays a key role in the company’s growth. YMW Groups believes Human Resource as the vital element of the entire enterprise. More than 150 qualified and experienced technical and commercial human capital translate the philosophy of the company into meticulous action.

Human Resources Functional Foundation

          Quality Service

  • We must provide the right services at the right time.
  • Our services must add value.
  • We must design processes that are easy to use and understand.

          Respect, Trust, and Fairness

  • Every person who uses our services has the right to be treated with
  • Our processes must be designed to ensure not only that individuals are
    fairly treated, but that they perceive that they have received a “fair shake.”
  • Our activities and services must promote understanding and relationships
    based in honesty and trust.